Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Download Exorcismus 2010 for Mobile Phone in DVD - 3gp

Released in Spain within 29th December, 2010.

Categories: Horror, Thriller, Suspense.

Casts: Sophie Vavasseur, Doug Bradley, Tommy Bastow, Stephen Billington, Melina Matthews.

Short Story:

Fifteen years Emma Evans is an argument with his mother Lucy, because she wants to go to a concert in London with his friends Rose and Alex. As to Emma and her family takes her convulsions in the hospital, but doctors did not find any physical problem. Then her father tries to convince John to send his wife Emma to school instead of homeschooling, but prefers to keep it in Emma's
family-based education. Lucy sends her daughter to the psychoanalyst believes that she and Emma have psychological problems requiring his girlfriend Rose to record your hypnosis session the cell but the doctor died during the session. When Emma listened to the tape, she believes she is possessed by the devil and her parents required to be submitted to an exorcism with his uncle, Christopher Priest Taylor. Her mother was skeptical howeve against ritual and recalls that Chris was responsible for the death of a teenager.

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