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Released in USA within Date 5th of Jan, 2001.

Categorized in Drama, Mystery, Romance.

Starring Aurelien Parent Koenig, Alfred Molina, Carrie-Anne Moss, Antonio Gil, Hélène Cardona

French for "chocolate" even hot chocolate. In 1988 there was another movie with this title, political and social wonderful job that had nothing to do with candy, but was half-director Claire Denis autobiographical reminiscence of her youth and then French colonial Cameroon (sic) in North West Africa.

I happened in 2000 "Thanks for the chocolate, the" 52D function of fear of Claude Chabrol. He won the main prize Delluc France, did not arrive in the United States has much to do with food - even if based cooking Chabrol's great directors.

"Chocolate" Ours is only an indirect political, as it relates to the forces of enlightenment and ignorance conservative approach. . But this beautiful sub-genre of "films their magic food," one of the Mexican "Like Water for Chocolate" contains the "big night" for the American Great Dane: Babette's Feast "(a fine Canadian lesbian film" Better Than Chocolate "takes its title indirectly as the hero happens to be a maniac to chocolate).

Director Lasse Hallstrom has several movies in Sweden his home. "Life as a Dog" rightly became an international hit lead America. Where he did odd below to see "Once Around," which won praise for "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," the show "to discuss" and the excellent "The Cider House Rules". Original films Hallström has to deal with unusual characters. With "chocolate" He goes several steps further by giving us a true legend. It's time, in 1959, during the fast. French village perform a single mother Vianne (Binoche) and her daughter Anouk (Thivisol of "Ponette" fame) out of nothing. (Juliette Binoche latest films include "Three Colors" series, "The English Patient" and "Alice and Martin"). Vianne come to buy "chocolate" neglected. Where their money comes, how it makes the area set up shop equipped with chocolates, truffles and other treats to die, and other aspects of the film, remain a mystery. But after all this is a film from A to Z pantasy. Before you know it, the place looks great - and can a pharmacy to make the audience drool. This shop is "salivatorium." Real

Soon Vianne has a small group of followers, including voizin wicked old woman Amanda (Dench), who said the store early to get the look of "early Mexican brothel." But he trained, forms a trio with Vianne and Josephine (Lena Olin, whose wife of Mr. Hallstrom and was co-starred with Binoche for "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"). Josephine, a kleptomaniac So first presented as a battered woman, leavesher Bar owners adversely man finds refuge Chocolaterie, getting more beautiful, is assistant Vianne and eventually - like Madame voizin - can smile, laugh normal.

Chocolate, hot chocolate and other sweets with magical elements, including Hot Chili Peppers. Strange names like the "nipples of Venus". Tasting almost anything will do wonders to change their lives, life and attitudes.

But - there is always a "but" a legend - there is resistance to O. Capital village is disturbed and the mayor (Alfred Molina's native England, he has a thousand faces), Comte de Reynaud. His word is law, his odd religion kind of substitute for mental trauma. It covers the fact that his wife left him for good (why not explain, but we can guess), by pretending she handed him to travel abroad holds.

Other main figure is the mayor's secretary, Madame leaves Claremont (Moss), a tall woman with a bourgeois young and talented, Luke. She is also a woman's estranged daughter old voizin prohibiting Luke speak with his grandmother .. And against the chocolate and residents. (There are reasons to be stated, the type of justification, that is. Do not expect a Cartesian logic).

BC is a prime example of lack of reasonable tolerance. If disobeyed by Vianne, he remembered that his ancestors, to the mass sword of Protestants (or heretics Albigensian?) He calls his dislike of Vianne, church members who followed meekly down and tried it for the very young new priests do, wise, tolerant and not "capital crime" of Vianne dare to open their place, while Lent is taken.

When the story unfolds not be said, except for later addition of Johnny Depp. He sat on the water, with the other river rats, despised, like Sinti and Roma, were suspicious, and in front of the village. This adds another element of discrimination against people "different" from religious automatic, multiple right-wing, thought farmers. The film is the main part of Lent in 1959 the next year's fast.

The message is the lack of trust intolerant tranparently, but is also a celebration of the pleasures of taste. The food is a religion in France, but it can coexist with faith in "normal", as tradition exist in peace with the new. The story reminds me of the almost classic in the early days of the Cold War red scare (and McCarthyism in the future), "Green-Haired Boy" (1948). War orphan wakes up with hair green day 1, and that's enough to make him "different" are discriminated against.

"Chocolate" is I. The most amusing, light, even if it is serious, often very funny (note the parts with the young priest.) It was mainly in England, with some recordings in France. I suspect that the real French village used for high shots of the rooftops, was corrected later with the scenes in the studio. All the actors speak English with a wide range of ambitious French accent. Good film, easy on the eyes, and I hope digestion of eating chocolate players.

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