Thursday, October 6, 2011

Watch Free Online The Detonator in Hindi Dubbing 2006

Stars and co-stars:

Wesley Snipes as a Sonni Griffith

William Hope as a Michael Shepard

Silvia Colloca as a Nadia Cominski

Tim Dutton as a Jozef Bostanescu

Michael Brandon as a Flint

Matthew Leitch as a Dimitru Ilinca

Warren Derosa as a Mitchel

Bogdan Uritescu as a Pavel

Vincenzo Nicoli as a Yuri Mishalov

Stuart Milligan as a Greenfield

Evangelos Grecos as a Kravchenko

Mihnea Paun as a Alex

Florian Ghimpu as a Nita

Tania Popa as a Ana

Bogdan Farkas as a Stankiewcz

Bravely Directed By:

Po-Chih Leong

Part 1

Part 2

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