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Download Hop 2011 Cartoon Movie for Mobile in DVD MP4

Released in USA by 1st April, 2011

Categorized in Comedy | Animation | Family | Fantasy

Cast: Russell Brand, James Marsden, Hank Azaria, Kaley Cuoco, Gary Cole.

If you have seen the preview for HOP, you know that this movie is about Easter and bunnies and chicks. It is also about finding yourself and not following someone else’s dream for you. Plus, the viewer gets to find out really “important” facts about the Easter Bunny. Where does the Easter Bunny live? On Easter Island, of course.

EB (voice of Russell Brand) is the son of the head Easter Bunny (voice of Hugh Laurie). He is young when his father invites him into his workplace to see what he does. EB acts thrilled that someday he will take over for his father. Little boy, Fred O’Hare, sees the Easter Bunny on his front lawn. He gets his camera and runs outside, however, he has missed his shot.

Fast forward 20 years, and EB is poised to take over the family business. However, EB wants to be a drummer and wants nothing to do with being the Easter Bunny. Fred (James Marsden) is now living with his parents and doesn’t have much direction in his life. His family performs an intervention, telling him it is time he grew up, got a job and lived on his own. Fred leaves his parent’s house, but not before his sister Sam (Kaley Cuoco) decides to help him out. She has set up a job interview for him for the following day. She is, also, supposed to house-sit a mansion with dogs, but she asks Fred to stay there for her. While Fred is driving along, he hits EB on the road. EB and Fred help each other to find their way in the world.

David Hasselhoff plays himself, as do The Blind Boys of Alabama (a gospel music group).

negative content

EB sneaks out and runs away from home. While Fred is driving, EB gets hit and is shown laying on the ground. Fred believes the bunny is suffering and picks up a rock to “put it out of its misery.’ There is some rude humor, and EB hits Fred, repeatedly. EB lies repeatedly to many people in the movie. Fred is chased and mauled by 2 dogs. EB poops jelly beans, and, later, Sam eats them. EB goes to the Playboy Mansion and tries to get in, although, nothing is shown besides the Playboy Bunny symbol. The term “hot babe” is used. The phrase, “you have this aura about you” is said.

There is also “magic” associated with flying sleighs, etc.—similar to Santa movies.

Most of the things EB does involve his selfishness—lying, running away, chasing after Fred, and causing Fred to ruin his job interview. However, EB does finally realize that he has been selfish and only thinking of himself.

HOP is about the fantasy secular Easter. We know that this Christian holy-day is really about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but you can use this movie as a springboard to talk to your children about the love of God and how, no matter what we have done, He forgives us. As the prodigal son leaves and is welcomed back when he returns, so the Father welcomes us into His family when we return, ready to claim our inheritance through the death and resurrection of Christ.

This movie is geared for children. It is entertaining in a strange kind of way—imagine Santa Claus on steroids. I was amused, however I went in with very low expectations. My 8 year old son loved it. “Hop” is for young children and anyone looking for light-hearted entertainment.

Movie Review by Christian Answers

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