Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Download Green Lantern Emerald Knights mp4 BrRip 2011

Releasing Date: 7th of Jun, 2011

Categories: | Action | Fantasy | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Animation

Starring (vocals): Elisabeth Moss, Henry Rollins, Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs, Arnold Vosloo

Emerald Knights is a pretty cool Green Lantern anthology that not only stands up pretty well on its own but also serves as a nice companion piece/history lesson for the upcoming live action movie. And for as much as I liked Green Lantern: First Flight, Emerald Knights stands alone from that as well.

All of the stories were great to the point where they all outshine the context in which they're being told. I also liked the voice acting a bit better in this than First Flight. Definitely worth it for any comics fan. Immediate rewatch value might not be there, but still good.

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