Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BOL Movie - Download - Shoaib Mansoor 2011

Shoaib Mansoor, a well known requires no introduction. With his previous sensational movie KHUDA KE LIYE, the Marvelous Pakistani director had the audience sit up. New Movie BOL, his very latest direction, Movie released in Pakistan in June and also released worldwide. It is another work of his which once again has you, as an audience, taking your questions.

BOL is obviously a thought-provoking, compelling and forthright Movie. BOL brings the unknown subject to the right light, but never once does Mansoor force his view on the audience. Nor do his characters. Within the ambit of their circumstance, each actor stretches his or her arm, never once trying to go beyond. That's the brilliance of this film. That's the hallmark of Mansoor. He is like the music conductor who knows the symphony like the palm of his hand and guides every actor with the delicate swish of his experienced baton.

There's Manzar Sehbai who plays Hakim Saab the father who sires one daughter after another in search of that one elusive male child. Hakim Saab is your everyday dad brought up with the strict principles of religion. It's either black or white for him. He is a religious bigot who lights up his character with intense intelligence. He knows, or rather feels he knows, he always does the right thing. Gentle prodding from his wife Zaib Rehman means nothing to him. Women are meant to bear children not voice their opinions. His is the actual character that drives the entire plot. He is so innocent, yet vicious. To balance out that act is simply mind-blowing. Never once, as a viewer do you fear him, because, he goes about his daily living with such innocent calm.

 But one thing Hakim needs to ask himself, which he never does. This is also the one thing the audience is forced to ask. Is it proper to do the right thing, or the loving thing? To my mind this is what the film is all about. No religion preaches hatred, but every religion does speak about love.

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